Inspired while travelling...

Even when travelling, the landscapes, views and pictures i see bring ideas and inspiration für current and future art projects.

The Hansel and Gretel Cottage

On my way to work each week, this fairy-tale-like cottage has kept me curious and dreaming all thru  the years of passing by it while travelling on a train. If i stage a ballet production of Hansel and Gretel, this cottage will surely be the model of the version of the cottage on the stage-design.

I've tried, thru the years, to capture it with my camera while the train is running at an approximate speed of 100 km. per hour but without success.

This one lucky capture happened when the train slowed down a bit at this very spot so that i can capture it clearly with my Samsung S10 fone-camera. (DieBahn IC Train capture, 14.04.2020)

Fotogalerie: Places which left strong impressions in my memory.

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