Choreographic Files

The only joy a young dancer has after long hours of hard training is most likely the chance to be a part of a dance project. Through the years young dancers stayed on with us because they knew they had this chance if they worked hard enough and finally would be asked to be a part of a dance piece. This gallery shows the beautiul projects accomplished by our young dancers with Samson as their teacher, choreographer and photographer.


Created for four female and one male dancer. In 2018 we were fortunate to have a young male dancer who attended our classes and was dancing for the EVOKE Project for 2019. Because of his dynamic movements and beautiful energy, I was able to create this dance intertwining his qualities with the most advanced dancers of our modern dance class. 

Human memory is so fleeting so that after a year the beautiful moments we spent together creating these dance works were surely already long forgotten. Fortunately these pictures have been preserved and they happily remind us of the beautiful times we spent here at BSC Rheine.


Created for four female dancers. In the style of "Tanztheater" we worked out this piece together giving emphasis to acting. Using dance movements, we created pictures of everyday human behaviors and made it a stylized depiction of  life sequences you will easily recognize.

Raindrops keep fallin' 2018
Quintett 2018
EVOKE Rheine has Rhythm 2018
Breakdance Boys 2018
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